Pull-Ups: For The Uncommitted Potty Training Parent!

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*disclaimer: I don?t want anyone to think I am judging them for using Pull-Ups as a ?potty- training? tool, because as I type this my son is wearing Pull-Ups and, probably, has peed in them already. I am simply writing about my own observations about myself and Pull-Ups. If you identify with any of this, know you are not alone, and not a bad parent ;-)

Yes, this is a blog post about potty training.

In June I started potty training my Bird. So, of course, what did I do? I went out and stocked up on Pull-Ups. Bird and I had been having discussions about the potty, how cool using it was, how much fun it is, the big step into ?Big Boy-ness?, for quite some time, and I knew the hold-up was me. I decided that if we started in June, that gives us 2 months and maybe he will be set by his birthday, which is in August. I felt like these were reasonable goals, especially since he had been giving me every sign in the book that he was ready for quite some time.

Hmm, but had I been giving every sign in the book that I was ready? Nope. Not at all. However, I didn?t pay attention to this.

When we started, we had a lot of early success! It happened so quickly, I thought ?oh this is no big deal! He?s getting it!? And he was! In the backwards way he has of doing some things, he was exceedingly comfortable with doing, um, you know… number 2. And this actually made it easier for me, because I could help him identify the signs before hand (since it was so obvious). We were full on into it! He was telling me when he had to go, and using the potty for, um, number 2, regularly! YAY!! AWESOME!!! WOO-HOO!!!

Now, peeing was a different story. I couldn?t tell when he was peeing, so I couldn?t help him identify the signs. He would inadvertently go in the potty while he was doing the other. But we weren?t getting a handle on him telling me, like he was with the other, when he had to use the potty. No problem, I figured. We are getting somewhere fast, so we have time. All of this was happened in the short space of 2 weeks.

Then he got sick. And quickly following that we went on vacation. I stopped asking him if he needed to use the potty as much. And he, in turn, stopped telling me when he had to go.

…And I was ok with that. In fact, while he was sick and we were on vacation, I found myself thinking ?Thank god he?s not asking to use the potty.? It would have been such an inconvenience. How annoying, to have to take my kid to the bathroom.

There. I said it. It was easier for me to let him do his thang in the Pull-Up. And as soon as he figured that out, guess what happened? We are back to square one in some respects. He knows he is not actually wearing big boy underwear. Even though I made a big deal about it at the beginning, when he was sick I stopped.

So there. Pull-Ups are for parents kinda ready for potty training. They don?t make a damn bit of difference for your kid. In fact, I think now all they do is confuse your kid. THEY ARE DIAPERS!!! So I don?t get angry of frustrated with him for not getting it yet. I am the one standing in the way.

They should market Pull-Ups directly to the parents: Do you know your child is ready for potty training, but not so sure you are? Do you feel like it is time to start potty training but you really just can?t quite get yourself committed? Then buy Pull-Ups! The step in between diapers and real underwear! Pull-Ups: For the uncommitted potty trainer, like you!!!

Next week, we go directly to real underwear. That?s right. I will let you know how I do.

*I know some enlightened parents already knew this, but each in their own time, right?

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One Response to “Pull-Ups: For The Uncommitted Potty Training Parent!”

  1. Kelly on July 9th, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    I also discovered the hard way that it is easier to clean up the floor for a couple of days than it is to change pull ups for months. My girls are 1 1/2 years apart and by the time I had the older one out of pull ups the younger one was potty trained and never wore a single pull up.

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